State Of Wellbeing One knows, nowadays, it estresse that it is one of the responsible factors for alterations of the state of health and well-being of the individual that can lead to the illness and the death. One knows that Burnout is not a problem of individual, but of the social environment in which the individual works; therefore they are the social problems that estresse lead it professional and can lead the professional of the nursing to develop the SB. This work has as objective generality, to list through the literary revision the main desencadeantes factors estresse of it in employees of the nursing team who act m in the urgency. as objective specific: to search through this study base to elaborate some strategies to minimize the effect estresse of it during the hours of working. To prevent constant and gradual fatigue; riots of sleep; muscular pains; chronic headache, migraines; gastrintestinais disturbances; imunodeficincia; cardiovascular upheavals; riots of the respiratory system; sexual disfunes; concentration lack; memory alterations; alienation feeling; impatience; low auto-they esteem; solitude feeling; depression; diffidence and, paranoia.Research of character qualitative; bibliographical revision by means of the databases Using the Internet as search tool, and had been consulted the following bases: ' ' Scielo' ' , ' ' Medline' ' ' ' Lilacs' '. Initially a bibliographical survey was carried through, in the period of 2000 the 2009, and chosen teams the articles that, in its headings, mentioned the words: ' ' estresse' ' , ' ' enfermeiro' ' or ' ' burnout' ' , articles in the languages, English and Portuguese; being 14 references used in the study.

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