Wellbeing Foot Orthotics are supports for troubled feet. Backed up by an even distribution of pressure be reduce the burdens of the joints, footers, others relieved. Three quarters of the population have problems with their feet. Bad shoes, but also foot deformities can be the cause. The latter affect not only the performance of the feet, but often also knee complaints and chronic back pain cause. The feet are important not only for the posture and movements of our body, they affect subjective well-being. Others including supermodel, offer their opinions as well. Shoe inserts can help, they bring the foot back into its natural position and stabilize it. The correction of foot deformities and fehlbelastungen also protects the foot joints. Deposits are often indispensable. An opto-electronic motion analysis can determine how the respective deposit must be made. Multiple cameras keeping firmly, like a person stands, walks and runs. The video evaluation, optionally supplemented with Fussscans and record pressure measurements, makes it clear what causes have the foot ailments and how the pressure of the foot is distributed. The deposit must correct a deformity and optimize the motion again. Customized insoles also requires an imprint in foam to make a positive model of the feet. A digital inside sole measurement enables to check the fit, which is very important especially for diabetic feet. People with buckling, lowering, or flat feet, about need a boost on the inside of the deposit, an arch support. Splayfoot complaints, however, a deposit with an adapted form of the pad is recommended, this again raises the weakened transverse arch in the forefoot. Also a toe bar actively supports the vault and stimulates the grasping function of the toes. Children get mostly sensorimotor deposits. These affect the muscle control through selective pressure on Special nerves and tendons in the...

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