Greek ETHOS Ethics In short: does involve ethics? Why are interested in its study? what its scope? What their impact? they could be a battery of questions that require analysis, venture into them in search of answers. We however, for this writing we specify us consider for example, what gives us, Abel Guillermo Lopez Mendoza, that professional ethics can be defined as the normative science that studies the duties and the professional rights of each profession. Also called ethics. To say not only professional refers to that ethics is only for those who have a carton or are professionals, but this is especially intended especially to those who exercise a profession or trade in particular. The professional has as object awareness of responsibility, each and every one of those who exercise a profession or trade, this is based on the postulate that all value this intimately associated with the idea of a good. Professional ethics relies or take bases mainly in the rational nature of man. This nature is spiritual and free, so have a will that feel like the moral good. Do good and avoid evil. The profession is a qualified capacity required for the common good, with peculiar socio-economic possibilities. Professional does not have the character of such by the mere fact of receiving the title that certifies it or gives you the quality of professional, no one is professional by the title itself, the title expresses just as already being a professional, more not all ethical qualities that has to be it, the title professional takes aya to be a someone is the intrinsic manifestation of what internally not by the nature of the person but by their ethical qualities, such as the suitability or fitness that gives you a new profile to your personality.
Not All That Glitters Is Gold For those who confuse network marketing with pyramid scams. Learn clarifying concepts. Today I want to talk about a fairly widespread problem due to rogue camouflage many unscrupulous tricksters make their illegal strategies studied, wanting to give a clean appearance of "MLM Business" to their plans misleading, seriously damaging the image of network marketing and getting set up an atmosphere of confusion that often does collateral damage, "Blaming the Innocent", as is the case. Even well-meaning people at first who took part in his past as a Network Marketing business which failed for whatever reason, got discouraged and left, they venture to cross this type of marketing as something that is not: "A Pyramid." In the Network Marketing effort is necessary, as in any business or enterprise. And though sometimes there are obstacles, they can not serve as an excuse to say something that is not. With determination and effort, perseverance and dedication, and passion for what you do will prosper. Doing nothing, or trying a business as a hobby, it is difficult to make progress or reach objectives. There is a small key, common sense, to distinguish clearly a scam MLM business. The fact to note if any, at that time, a product or service of value, whether real or virtual, that deserves the approximate amount requested for access to its Compensation Plan and its purchase. When there is no product or service, or is not verifiable, it may be a signal that is telling us that this is most likely a far cry from genuine MLM, which is a strategy more Direct Selling as is the case of Network Marketing. I hope that these lines will be of assistance in differentiating the two concepts. In any case, my advice is to stay alert to the opportunities we can...

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